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Neanderthal technology and intelligence

For many years people have been attempting to identify differences between Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis in an effort to understand why one species survived yet the other did not. Many of these alleged differences have fallen flat on their face, whilst others have achieved

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Lets Play: On the Origin of Species

There are loads of evolution “simulators” out there you can get and watch as the cogs of natural selection tick over. However, the vast majority of these are either laughably simple, bare little relation to reality or have nothing to do with evolution (Spore, I’m

A problem with evolving co-operation

Co-operation is one of those peculiar human behaviours which on the surface makes no evolutionary sense but is still very prevalent. Indeed, co-operation is arguably the ultimate foundation of our society despite the fact that people who co-operate could be exploited by someone willing to

Could neanderthals throw?

Between 40,000 and ~27,000 years ago humans and neanderthals co-existed in Europe. Whilst there would likely have been some competition (there always is when two similar species try and live in the same locations) we don’t know quite to what extent. What we do know

Earth’s orbit and human evolution

A while ago I wrote “the children of climate change,” a post discussing research about how climate variability may have caused the evolution of Homo sapiens’ large brain. The crux of this “environmental complexity thesis” is essentially: A variable environment will favour a versatile species

The diet of Australopithecus sediba

Australopithecus sediba contains several archaic traits present in other Australopithecines such as a small cranial capacity, small body and relatively long upper limbs. However, it also contains several derived traits more characteristic of Homo including smaller teeth, reduced prognathism and cheek bones as well as

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