Reconstruction of the first pot

The oldest pottery discovered

In our modern world of metal technology and artificial plastics it’s easy to forget the importance of ceramics. However, there was a time when pottery was the only way to make vessels for cooking food or storing it. Doing so would’ve opened up a raft

Are humans supposed to be monogamous?

This Wednesday question (or “wondering Wednesdays,” or something else witty and alliterative. Suggestions please) comes from Colin who asks Just wondering if there is evoanth suggesting hominids are monogamous creatures or monogomy just lies on the spectrum of dispositions? In case you don’t feel like

Vocal learning shown in primates

Humans engage in this funny behaviour known as “language.” To be able to talk and write, humans need to have a few key abilities such as hearing, for example. Another pretty key ability is vocal learning.¬† Rather than just listening to another and copying them,