Humans could still be evolving

Humans have been significantly altering our environment for generations. Sometimes this is accidental – like climate change – but more often we’re changing it deliberately. Homes keep us warm, farms bring us food, the list goes on.  This sort of deliberate changes is called “niche construction.” By isolating ourselves from

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Neanderthals didn’t wear shoes

A while a go I wrote about how it seems that humans and neanderthals were wearing hard soled shoes frequently by the Upper Palaeolithic (~50-15 thousand years ago). They worked this out by looking at their foot bones and seeing if they had changed in

Shanidar 1 discovery

Caring neanderthals

In The Descent of Man Charles Darwin laid out his thoughts regarding humans. At length he discussed our nature, behaviour and evolution. But of all he had observed around the world one aspect of humanity stood out to him as the “noblest.” The aid which

How did food sharing start?

Food sharing is an important human behaviour that enables our modern, complex society to function as it does. Since food is distributed throughout the group everyone does not have to spend their time farming or hunting. This frees up their time to do other things,