How did food sharing start?

Food sharing is an important human behaviour that enables our modern, complex society to function as it does. Since food is distributed throughout the group everyone does not have to spend their time farming or hunting. This frees up their time to do other things,

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The first stone tools: The Oldowan Industry

Chimps utilise a wide range of tools but they are all made of natural materials which decay. They cleverly alter twigs to turn them into termite fishing sticks, then (surprise surprise) they use them to fish for termites. It’s rather clever behaviour and provides interesting

First flames: earliest man-made fire found?

In the stereotypical view of prehistory, fire is important. We imagine caveman and cavewoman gathering around a cavefire to heat their cavehouse. In our minds eye fire was a key part of prehistoric life and this mental image is surprisingly close to the truth. Fire

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The first shoes

Addendum: The first version of this post suggested neanderthals wore shoes. This is not the case. Humans have more physical adaptations than we give them credit for. Although we often think of ourselves as reliant upon technology and rather pedestrian compared to the rest of

New hominin that could walk and climb

The human family tree is surprisingly bushy. Only a few thousand years ago we had Homo sapiens, H. neanderthalensis, H. floresiensis and the Denisovans all living side by side. And only a few million years before that we had several species of Australopithecus, Paranthropus and

Why we became bipedal

Oh bipedalism, where would we be without you? A lot closer to the ground, that’s for sure; and probably far from the civilisation we find ourselves in. After all, it was walking purely on our hind limbs that freed up our hands and enabled them