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1 year ago today I started blogging with a little piece the infamous Darwinius masillaeAlthough the format is quite far removed from the classic EvoAnth research discussions you’ve all come to know and love, it wasn’t long before I found my feet. Since then I’ve refined my style a bit, but little has changed since those early days. Despite this stasis I’ve experienced a lot, learning from research and generally having fun with commentors and fellow bloggers. To all who’ve made this a worthwhile endeavour, I thank you.

Rather than turning this into a fawning, self congratulatory piece I’ll just point you at the recently updated “in brief” pages. These summarise most of the posts over the past year and hopefully contain a few pieces worth reading for those of you who have yet to pour over my archives.

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eyeonicr · 23rd December 2012 at 10:31 pm

Only a year? It’s been quite a successful one, if I’m any judge. Keep it up!

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