The problem with defining our ancestors

Almost every paper on human evolution commences with an obligatory paragraph about how these particular scientists are defining the species in question. “Today we’re calling Homo erectus outside of Africa Homo ergaster,” they’ll say and you accept that and it’s all well and good.¬† But then the next paper will turn around and say “Homo Continue Reading

Last neanderthals NOT found near the Arctic?

I previously discussed an article which suggested that the last members of Homo neanderthalensis retreated north into Russia prior to their eventual extinction. This conclusion was based upon the discovery of Mousterian tools – an industry produced by the neanderthals – at Byzovaya. However, although I concluded my tale of these northern neanderthals it would Continue Reading

Does The Oldest Temple Topple Evolutionists’ History of Religion?

Ordinarily I give posts from the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) a wide birth because there is already a fine blog dedicated to commenting on what they have to say. Their latest post, however, requires comment. Mostly because they mentioned evolutionary anthropology by name (and as an egotistical male, I take any critique of my Continue Reading