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Can historical science be trusted?

A reader wrote in to ask whether the “historical science” behind evolution is reliable. I explain that, contrary to what many creationists claim, it is. And they even admit it.

Is there evolution between kinds?

When people object to evolution they typically do so in a handful of ways, like the classic “why are there still monkeys?” An argument so common that the great “take that Darwin” twitter account always manages to find a dozen or so examples every day.

Creationist seeking fraud in human evolution exposes its rigour

Today’s case of psuedoscience comes from Belac. They also pointed me in the direction of the eolith nonsense from last time. Belac is quickly becoming my one-stop shop for creationist craziness. Today they’ve pointed me to the same place. Answers in Genesis, arguable the largest

Ancient man too ancient for creationists to comprehend

Human history goes back almost 10,000 years. Which might seem like a long time, but it’s nothing compared to our prehistory. That stretches back to the earliest known modern human, who lived ~195,000 years ago. We are an ancient species. So ancient that creationists seem