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EvoAnth gets published

Earlier this year I wrote about how the large creationist organisations, like the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis, tend to present a distorted view of human fossils; downplaying the size and scope of the evidence for human evolution. The National Centre for Science Education (NCSE) – an excellent organisation that fights Read more…

EvoAnth at University

I study evolutionary anthropology at the University of Liverpool. Frequently I frolic with the skulls of our ancestors  generally have fun; as documented in this promotional clip for my department. There’s a few other people in it but it’s worth it just to see me point at a Neanderthal skull.

EvoAnth turns 1

1 year ago today I started blogging with a little piece the infamous Darwinius masillae. Although the format is quite far removed from the classic EvoAnth research discussions you’ve all come to know and love, it wasn’t long before I found my feet. Since then I’ve refined my style a bit, but Read more…