SRGAP2 evolution

Mutation helped human brain evolve

There is a correlation between the brain size of an individual and their body size: a larger animal needs a larger a brain to take care of their basic bodily functions. However, some creatures deviate from this relationship and have a significantly bigger brain than

Vocal learning shown in primates

Humans engage in this funny behaviour known as “language.” To be able to talk and write, humans need to have a few key abilities such as hearing, for example. Another pretty key ability is vocal learning.  Rather than just listening to another and copying them,

Humans could still be evolving

Humans have been significantly altering our environment for generations. Sometimes this is accidental – like climate change – but more often we’re changing it deliberately. Homes keep us warm, farms bring us food, the list goes on.  This sort of deliberate changes is called “niche construction.” By isolating ourselves from

Colorado Creek mammoth stratigraphy

Do mammoths disprove radiocarbon dating?

With Creation Revolution remaining fairly quiet on the topic of human evolution I thought this week’s “Misguided Monday” would pass without incident. Then I found Across the Fruited Plain. It’s a site that pumps out creationist commentary at such a rate that there’s already enough

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Neanderthals were alive recently – misguided mondays

The scientific consensus regarding neanderthals is that they’re a distinct cousin of humans that died out ~30,000 years ago.  However, there is still a lot of debate concerning these facts. How distinct were they? Were they different enough to be considered a separate species or