Wernicke’s and Broca’s area in chimps – Supplementary Sunday

This weeks top rated post is “humans have giant chimp brains” with a grand total of 3 up-votes, making it the 3rd most popular post of all time. As such this weeks Supplementary Sunday seeks to expand on this well-liked topic by identifying yet another similarity between the human and chimp brain: Wernicke’s area. This Continue Reading

Are humans supposed to be monogamous?

This Wednesday question (or “wondering Wednesdays,” or something else witty and alliterative. Suggestions please) comes from Colin who asks Just wondering if there is evoanth suggesting hominids are monogamous creatures or monogomy just lies on the spectrum of dispositions? In case you don’t feel like reading through the second EvoAnth (Colin, you’re meant to capitalise Continue Reading

Humans could still be evolving

Humans have been significantly altering our environment for generations. Sometimes this is accidental – like climate change – but more often we’re changing it deliberately. Homes keep us warm, farms bring us food, the list goes on.  This sort of deliberate changes is called “niche construction.” By isolating ourselves from this environment like this could we have stopped evolution affecting Continue Reading